The Executive Heart & Vascular Screening

In just a few hours, you can find out.

With the new Executive Heart & Vascular Health Screening, you’ll leave your visit with a plan to treat any uncovered heart issues. You will also be given steps to improve the overall health of your heart and vascular system. It’s a comprehensive look at your risk for heart disease and stroke that far exceeds an annual check-up.

Included in The Executive Heart & Vascular Screening is a One-on-one Consultation with a Cardiologist, Internist, and Fitness Trainer.

A special X-ray called a computed tomography (CT) scan to find the buildup of calcium on the walls of the arteries of the heart (coronary arteries), a significant risk factor for heart disease. (Only performed once every 10 years)

A test that shows the carotid arteries (vessels in the neck that provide blood flow to the brain), as well as how much blood flows and how fast it travels through them.

An electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) is an electrical recording of the heart and is used in the investigation of heart disease.

A test that uses high frequency waves to view the Aorta and determine if aneurysm is present.

This is a screening test for peripheral arterial disease by measuring blood pressure at the ankle and in the arm.

  • Cholesterol Screening
  • Thyroid Studies (TSH)
  • HbA1C (Early diabetes detection)
  • C-Reactive Protein-High Sensitivety ("vascular inflammation test", a risk factor for heart disease and stroke)
  • Glucose
  • Hepatic
  • CPK

The technical term used to describe the different components that, when taken together, make up a person's body weight.