About Us

The Executive Evaluation Center assists corporations and individuals in maximizing the probability of good health and long life. This goal is achieved by educating each individual on the current status of their health, as well as the steps required to optimize their future. Executive Health Consultation Room

Every executive or individual will benefit from our comprehensive one-day medical evaluation, which includes a complete history and physical examination supplemented with more than a dozen state-of-the-art, high-tech diagnostic studies not usually associated with routine annual examinations. The day culminates with an in-depth, one-on-one, personal assessment and discussion of your medical status (as best as can be determined by tests and technology) by an experienced and highly trained physician, board certified in the field of Internal Medicine.

CT Machine

The Executive Evaluation Center is conveniently located in Norfolk, Virginia. Our office is equipped with it's own CT machine, which allows us to complete your testing in just one day, in the comfort and privacy of our office. In addition to our Executive Evaluation Exam our doctors can offer you continuing care through The Dedicated Care Center.

Over the past twelve years, the Executive Evaluation Center has served nearly 5000 patients from more than 14 states and 5 foreign countries, with approximately 75% of the patients returning for repeat annual evaluations and physicals. We would welcome the opportunity to show you why we have enjoyed an excellent approval rating from our clients time and time again. Click here to request an information packet.

Dedicated Care Center