What to Expect

Here at the Executive Evaluation Center, you will experience a uniquely comprehensive full day of advanced medical testing. Your day will include a complete medical history review and examination by not one, but a variety of specialists. Over a dozen high level tests and studies will be performed, all here, at this location on the day of your appointment. There is an emphasis on early detection and disease prevention, and in addition you will receive personalized exercise and nutrition counseling. An Exam Room at the EECAll delivered with a level of detail, comfort and attention like you'll find nowhere else.

The experience culminates with a private and extensive consultation and review of your test results with a highly qualified physician. The result of which will be a clear picture of the state of your health and a bound report summarizing our findings and recommendations for staying healthy.

Recognizing that your time away from the office is valuable we have equipped each private room with telephones, voice mail and computers that allow you to conduct business during your visit.

While insurance may not cover this prevention and early detection-oriented health assessment, your well-being is undoubtedly worth the investment.

Preparation Instructions for your Exam at the Executive Evaluation Center:

Male Preparation Instructions Female Preparation Instructions

Preparation Instructions for CT (Computerized Tomography) Imaging:

Male CT Preparation Instructions Female CT Preparation Instructions